Our November weavers gathering made the trip to LaCrosse to Kathy’s lovely home; filled with color and  so many lovely textiles that it was hard to decide which pictures to share.  Kathy is not shy about color and I have always admired her ability to combine colors in her weavings in fresh and new ways.  Although her Glimakra was bare, the next warp was in progress and I hope we see it finished at our December meeting.

Our newest weaver Cathy popped in on her lunch break with a lovely pinwheel towel, lined basket of pumpkin cookies. Her first project off her new to her Glimakra ( my sweet old loom) loom.  I am so happy that she is creating such beauty on this loom.  I can’t wait to see what is next off the loom.

Nan returned  recently from a trip to Japan with some lovely textiles and handmade papers to show us.

I didn’t have any finished weavings to show off and hopefully that changes before the next 2nd Monday rolls around. It’s nice to take a break but I am starting to miss it; so back to the looms as soon as the Thanksgiving festivities are over.  May yours be filled with peace and love.

Colorful handwovens around Kathy’s home

Anne Marie modeling Kathy’s lovely linen shawl and a linen piece just off the loom. Exquisite colors.

treasures from Nan’s Japan trip. Nan made the paper with flowers.

lovely light and good eats

Judith’s hermosa overshot sampler from a class and scarf with the same pattern/ scarves and rugs woven by Elin.

Cathy’s first weaving on her new loom, a pinwheel towel and some towels woven at Vavstuga, Janet modeling a woven jacket that she won at a silent auction.

we look a bit spooky in this picture but it is just the light streaming in the window. We are all pretty normal.

filtered light through a handwoven curtain