Happy to be out..happy to be out…happy. I think that was the general consensus when our group of weavers gathered at Kathy’s house in LaCrosse. Nothing like a little cabin fever with too many days of sub, sub zero temps; to make for a joyful, glad to have friends, lets eat all of this great food, oh and talk a bit about weaving; outing.  Smile
Thanks Kathy for sharing your sweet house with us, and as always I go home inspired to get creative.

Tea towels I had printed from my moms recipe cards at Spoonflower
Susan brought some samples of Japanese weavings

Kathy’s krokbragd sample and sculptures by Amy Arnold

prairie grass rep weave by Kathy

Quince and co yarns Barb is using for the sweater above

spa cloth and scarf by Susan of Avalanche Looms

lucky Jean gets to knit for grandbabies