Just what we needed, a good blast of color and the inspiration we always come away with when we visit Susan Johnson at her Avalanche Looms shop and weaving studio. It was a large and boisterous group; I know that I missed talking to quite a few people. I mostly walked around from one eye candy photo opportunity to another. The photo above is a scarf that Nan’s husband purchased for her, woven by Randall Darwall. It visits our fiber gatherings on occasion; when we are most in need of some color therapy. A wonderful weaver to aspire to; as his color sense is beyond compare. Another person, closer to home, whose color sense I admire is my friend Carole’s. Her fresh off the loom, doubleweave is photographed below.
I was so ready to weave, that the next day I got a project on and off the loom, a world record for me. Thanks Susan for your support and encouragement; I don’t know if you realize how many people whose lives you touch with your work. I am certainly much further on my weaving road than I would have been without you leading the way.