Our weavers 2nd Monday group gathered, in the “not really” a town called Avalanche; at Susan’s home and studio also known as Avalanche Looms.  Not only did we get to share lots of good food and be inspired by each others creative endeavors, we got to shop! 
Susan gave us a bit of a demonstration on how she does an inlay technique that is in a pattern separate from its background.  We also admired and of course touched a a very “Gees Bend-ish” wool quilt made by a local gathering of friends.  I often wish that my handwovens could take on the spontaneous, nothing is square, effortless looking beauty of these quilts.  Weaving is sometimes too rigid and straight and methodical.  I will have to give this some thought because that is also part of what I enjoy about weaving.
We’ll see if I can restrain myself from adding all of the pictures that I took in Susan’s studio and home.  Needless to say there was a lot of eye candy and inspiration to be found everywhere I looked.

Susan’s studio

Overshot scarves by Susan

Twill scarf by Jan

palette in threads

Barb B’s pinwheel napkins, /one of Elins latest projects/ Barb M’s rep weave and Barb B’s Twill cowl

kitchen cloths

over the river to Susan’s house

kitchen scene

squash pie from auction that says “pick me”

olga and susan

wool quilt and shawl by Kathy