Our friend Barb B. has survived a week long “spinzilla” challenge to host our weavers gathering on a fine fall day. I am surprised that after spinning 7,853 yards or 4.46 miles of singles yarn that she was able to stand much less be the gracious hostess that she was.  Although I did notice that when we sat  outside in her gazebo after lunch, surrounded by woods, the spinning wheels stayed upstairs.

For someone who is retired she can cram more into a day at her little fiber haven than anyone that I know.  She is a natural born story teller and if you get a chance check out her blog, Plum Thickety Place you will read tales of her life with her fiber animals, chickens and llama named Gandolf and her delightful grand daughter.  Her story of a class she took doing a braided wool chair pad, done in the dead on southern accent of her teacher had us in stitches. Pun intended.

We managed to fill her dining room table with fiber goodies and Judith’s art journal.  I am still in the acquiring phase of my art journal journey, and may never get past that.  I did raid the gallery I am part of, to show off my most recent scarves and a mobius shawl that I like enough to keep one for me (I hope). Barb’M’s knitted cowl will be sent off for an early christmas present.  Judith’s crackle weave has taken form in 2 finished and lovely scarves.  Susan’s Kitchen Cloths and overshot scarves always make my heart happy with color and pattern combinations.

We had a good discussion about the value of our work as weavers in comparison to painters or other fine arts.  Our work has great value and should be priced accordingly.  Not too much political discussion this time.  Too much beauty surrounding us on this day of fiber and friendship to be pulled down by what is going on in country around us.

Thanks Barb for a lovely day of friendships shared and inspiration.  Your three sister soup made for the perfect fall meal. I am so glad that you found your way into our little fiber family.

one weeks worth of spinning! So that is what 4.46 miles of handspun looks like/ some chain crocheted roving to weave into a rug/ and a pretty yummy lunch spread.


Gandolf kisses…maybe…maybe not


Judith’s crackle weave scarf/ Susan’s kitchen cloth/ Barb B’s braided chair pad/ Barb M’s knitted socks and cowl

kitchen cloth

Susan’s kitchen cloth/ Judith’s journal/ my scarf

Judith's journal

Judith’s journal is always an inspiration. The lower left one was done  at my house for our May gathering


new chicken coop and handsome guard llama, Gandolf giving Barb a kiss