There is always so much to see at Elin and Bob’s beautifully renovated farmhouse.   Filled with art work and Elin’s weaverly aesthetic it is always a visual treat and with  the smells of moussaka baking in the oven I knew we were in for a culinary treat as well.  Every moment, from walking out to greet the sheep in the field to watching everyone put there projects back in their bags and baskets was filled with laughter and friendship, with lots of weaving thrown in. Hopefully these pictures show a bit of what our gatherings are like.

Denise’s twill poncho and my Sami inspired braclet


Olga has started her journal inspired by photos of her grandchildren/table runner by Jan

Jan’s overshot table runner


Barb B’s twill scarf/ Judith’s crackle weave/Bonnie”s rub/Kris’s felt sculpture

moussaka and stew

lots to see around Elin’s house


Barb M’s socks are knitted by Judith in trade for a pair of mittens

vignettes around Elin’s house