21 10, 2010


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Cutting off a finished scarf before finishing the whole warp, is quick and easy with this technique.  Make a two stick heading after you have finished the first scarf by weaving one inch of plain weave or as close as you can get; insert 2 sticks into the next 2 sheds and weave at least [...]

6 04, 2010

warping paddle

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 Winding a warp with a paddle is a great, fast way to wind a multi colored warp. With some help from an article in Handwoven and the winding station my husband made me for christmas; it worked out fairly well.  My rayon chenille scarf was set at 12 epi, and I was in the mood [...]

26 10, 2009

playing…not producing

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From Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsInstead of just finishing off the tail end of my linen purse warp in a timely fashion; I decided to use my stashed; handspun in Nepal nettle yarn, to make a loopy scrubby cloth. This was calling to me after reading about a "spa cloth " on one of [...]

4 01, 2009

Natural Dyeing

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We had the good fortune of having Michelle Workowski of the Nature of Things, do a natural dye class at Kindred Threads during the Driftless Studio Tour in November. The surprise element of natural dyeing is half the fun, the results are pretty unpredictable.We used damp silk scarves and laid out an assortment to natural [...]

15 05, 2008

Tying one on

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My last scarf was so long in the thinking stage and then too fast woven that I decided to try tying on another warp to this previous scarf. As with most of weaving I seem to be learning the hard way but the plus side of that is that I am learning.Tying on a new [...]