Name that yarn

Can I eat it?

So there is nothing left in my studio that is white.  With a little help from my kids (and Molly), with a name that yarn contest for the new yarn bases I am trying out.  The winner whose yarn names I choose the most of,  was to receive a giant chocolate bar.
They were so good at naming yarns that they both won.
Revenge, twig, string and tangled were some of the not so great ones.  And what is with a yarn called Chunky Mama (actually I liked that one).  Athena, Dreads, Nirvana, Frou Frou, and Whisper were some of the ones that I chose.
It did however get old, as they rolled their eyes more than once, when asked “what does this color remind you of”when I got to the name this color part. 
Thank god they helped, cause I have been pretty brain dead lately with too many dye fumes or color overload or something.  A little more sleep wouldn’t hurt either.  Maybe after next week, cause when I get home I have to weave like a maniac for the Driftless Area Art fair. 

So this morning I took my act on the road and spent the day loading the truck and got started setting up at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  By 9:00 pm I was a long way from done so it will be an early morning tomorrow.  My sister so kindly left a wine glass out for me since I am bunking at her house for a couple of the days.  Now off to bed so I can arise tomorrow;  ready to seek my fame and fortune. 

 Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that I almost died while dyeing… I heard Molly barking and sounding obnoxious in the garage and was ready to take a step out from my studio and she had a rattlesnake backed up against the step I was just about to walk over.  It took me a few seconds to decide first; that it was a rattlesnake (a little one,  but rattling away), one second to think that I should save Molly who kept lunging at it despite it striking at her and me yelling at her, and then another second to slam the door when it turned and looked like it was coming into my studio. Sorry Molly, snakes freak me out. Fortunately neither of us died and Molly spent a good bit of time trying to get it out from behind the cupboard.  Country living!