Evan most graciously hosted this month’s weavers gathering, after a couple of us wished out loud that we could see her home. It was a visual feast reflecting the artistic vision of both her and her husband Joel. Lots of wonderful color, simple swedish inspired styling, and most importantly a place for his interests in music (please let my husband never see how big the amps are in Joel’s recording studio) and a work room for Evan that now looks very weaverly.
With yummy cookies that tasted like the windmill cookies that were always in my grandmothers cookie jar, a jar of summertime pickles and lots of laughter over Olga’s aptly named “hide the boobs” shirts. Lovely shirts, expertly reconstructed with strategically placed decorations, named by her husband. All in all a fun summer day. Thanks Evan and Joel for hosting our craziness in your peaceful home.

Weaving books of Evan’s grandmother
cookies, pickles and doubleweave tea cozy
kitchen with colorful divider filled with an awesome cookie cutter collection

inspiration board with purse made by Evan’s grandmother
Kathy’s vest, “hide the boobs” shirts reconstructed by Olga, runner by Joanne

Small table looms
Susan’s linen scarf/fiber from Barb’s recent Scandinavian travels
Wool(krokbragd?) rug/ Evan demonstrating doubleweave projects