After major guilt about abandoning house and family; while weaving like a maniac in September, to prepare for assorted fiber fairs; I am officially hanging up my domestic goddess apron and getting back to weaving. The house has never been cleaner …thanks Nance and Chris for visiting…and I have even gone so far as to can salsa. A woman who both weaves and cans salsa (as evidenced in the pictures above); deserves a special place in heaven. Kudos to Carole for giving me all the beautiful tomatoes and apples, since my skills don’t seem to extend to the vegetable garden.
I even got my knitted Noro afghan almost done. I need four more blocks, but for the time being it is together enough to keep me warm.

And since I have always wanted to blog about food I have included a picture of a raspberry peach galette that the family gave rave reviews. The picture of the trout is just something I have to include for unknown reasons. Jim was really proud of what I say, is his first fish ever caught from our stream (he claims 2 others). is good and I promise, back to all things fiber, soon.