Well, I have survived the craziness of having two big fairs back to back weekends.  This weekend was the Driftless Art Fair and I shared a booth with Barb of It Could of Been A Piano ( go to her blog for an explanation of her business name).  She had lots of handwovens and her exquisite knitted items made for a lively fibery and tactile display.  With us both spinning in the front of our booth we drew many people in for a looky, feel.  Such a wonderfully run fair, that despite the rather grim weather there was always a great crowd.  And how fun to be so close to home, so that many of your customers are people you see everyday in town.  I am always happy to send one of my handwovens home with someone that I know, it makes for a special connection.
Sadly, my home and hearth has suffered from my mad dash from dyepot to loom over the last few weeks.  Dust bunnies the size of small cats and something on the bottom of the sink drainer that looks like it used to live in the black lagoon, has me thinking that it is time to get back to the domestic goddessness that I used to aspire too.  Rarely succeeding, by the way, but I do have my moments.
Thank god that my family is understanding of my procrastinating insanity, and have managed to survive fairly well.  Of course all dust bunnies and slime creatures in the sink are invisible to them. And truth be told I decided my domestic goddessness can start tomorrow; right now a nice long nap seems like the way to go.