Well I have assembled my little fiber army and am off to The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival to find fame and fortune; hopefully not in that order.  Here are some pics of the last few weeks of madness. Warning; color explosion ahead.
Thanks Erinn for lots of great color name ideas based on Dr Who.  No one else will be likely to have, The Silence, Fez, Bowtie, Melody Pond, Police Box (blue of course), Jelly Baby (I don’t want to know what this one is about), Neutron Flow, RiverSong and of course the creepy Weeping Angels.

 I will save the weaving pics for later cause like a crazy person I have the Driftless Area Art Festival the weekend after this one. 

Come say hi if you make to either fair.

This is how it all starts, lots of white
Lanaset dyes in a stock solution

What’s for dinner honey?  Cause all I got is fiber.

the fiber army almost ready

no room for Molly..aw…