Elin was kind enough to invite the weavers to her home for our 2nd Monday gathering.  She had lots to show off with her newly built; Swedish inspired dye studio and a beautiful new, Amish built barn going up.  She even had three dye pots going for us to try out some natural dyeing.  One was madder,  cutch and I believe logwood.  I should really write things down if I continue this roving reporter role; my memory is sketchy at best.  Fortunately I am ok with just filling in via my imagination.
We shared a wonderful lasagna meal topped off with an exquisite rhubarb cobbler by Joanne.  She has shared her recipe here.
Joanne made the lampshade above with a wool warp that she passed out to the group at the last meeting.  She was like santa digging into her bag sharing many balls of a naturally colored wool, with the challenge to see what we would each make with it.  So far she is the only one to finish a project with it and a rather creative one at that.  My balls have been stacked on the piano awaiting inspiration and time. For now I just chase them around the house as the cats or the puppy tumble them off the piano.
Thanks Elin for having us out. Your house and weavings are always an inspiration and it was fun to see you in your new studio.