Romance Valley (not usually a lake)

Our 2nd Mondays fiber day at the studio was an impossibility for those of us living in parts of Vernon county that have been hit once again by merciless flooding. I’ve posted a couple of pictures of my driveway destroyed by my normally peaceful branch of the Bad Axe River. Our little creek became a raging river a couple of hundred feet wide filling the valley. Unable to get across the stream to my daughter who was home alone for a portion of Sunday, I was finally able to walk across at 9:00 that night. She waited for me on the other side with a lantern and a big hug when I got over to her. She was fine on her own (she is a very mature 14), but I felt much better making it over to be with her for the night. Brave girl that she is, she got her first chance at driving by backing the car up the driveway when she thought the water was getting too close to it. Kind of scary when over the phone I was telling her how to start the car and put it in reverse and she asked which was the brake. I think we will be doing some forward driving soon, just so she knows what is what.

It is painful to think what so many other people are going through in dealing with flooded homes and lives forever changed. Our driveway is easily repaired; not so, many others whose lifes work is destroyed. The farmer down the road has lost all of his corn crop, and many have not recovered from last summers flooding.