Ladies do lunch..thanks Barb

Sometimes you just have to leave house and studio and be someplace else, even though it is still winter at least it is somebody else’s winter. Thank god that Barb invited us over for lunch cause I am personally in danger of imploding if I don’t see something new and inspiring. And Barb is always inspiring. We had so much fun seeing her house filled with wonderful antiques and her many handwoven textiles. (Must weave MORE!) The path to her little weaving studio was an ice covered adventure; nothing like a little danger to get your weaving juices flowing.
And lunch was a delight; a parsnip and ? soup, guess I was too busy slurping to remember what; or maybe it was the wine. Great popovers from Barb’s favorite cookbook, huckleberry jam that should be locked up in a vault it is that good, blueberries picked at their summery best and the worlds best Walnut cake. Darn, I forgot to take a picture. Maybe she will make me another…

After leaving we took one of Susan’s back road routes to her studio and dropped her off and left. We got about 100 feet and decided we couldn’t leave without a short visit to her shop (Avalanche Looms) and studio, always good for a jolt of inspiration. I always leave there wondering why I would be anything but a weaver.
Good day, good friends, good soup.