Alpaca blend yarn sold through Heavenly Fiber Mill
Amish loom with warping rack
skeining and spinning machines
rug woven with upholstery selvages and gianormous warping spool rack behind loom
Colorways dyed here and sisal core/wool wrapped rug yarn—Darcy giving us a tour of the retail area
Merino wool before and after washing————fleece washing machine that holds 9 lbs of wool

 For our 2nd Monday gathering this month a group of us headed to Heavenly Fiber Mill in Readstown, Wi, a short drive from us.  I can’t believe; fiber nerd that I am, that this is the first I have visited this mill.  The owner Darcy was most gracious and took us though the mill so we could see the carding and spinning process’s up close.  What a great job to be surrounded by all that fiber, all of the time. 
I can tell that Darcy has some great visions of things to come, with room to grow for classrooms and a lovely house that will be an incredible B&B.  This is in the heart of Amish country and would be draw in itself.  Throw in a fiber filled weekend and sign me up!
The Amish loom that was in a back room was just a jaw dropper to see.  I have talked to an Amish man that said they warp their looms from a warping spool rack connecting the threads right to the loom.  Enough for many, many rugs without rewarping.  But this is the first time I have seen it.  Sort of made me dizzy.  It looked like the threads were raining onto the loom.  A cat in this workroom could have a blast.
The carding part of Darcy’s business has only been going a little over a year, so it will be fun to see the directions that she takes it.  She definitely has a new customer in me.