New book with photos of Malin Selanders Swatch books/  Selanders signature in Denise’s original books


waffle weave

At our 2nd monday weavers group Denise brought 3 of the 4 Swatch books by Malin Selander.  These caused quite a stir, and she found them at a second hand store for a little bit of nothing.  What a treasure!
I found in my” books for sale at fiber shows” stash a copy of Swedish Swatches by Malin Selander.  This is a photographic compilation of most of the samples in all four books.  I am looking at it with different eyes after having seen the actual samples.  It made such a difference to see and touch these in person and of course being able to see how different the back of the fabric was.  This was a lady not afraid of color ,and although some of the glitzy metallic 60’s yarns made me cringe a bit, her design ascetic is timeless. Bravo!