I would like to introduce you to Kathy Aaker of Riverweave Studio. She has been with our fiber group for most of this, our first year. Although she is leaving our studio, I am sure that she will continue to inspire and encourage us in our endeavors. With her more than 20 years of weaving experience, she finds us often looking over her shoulder to see what she is doing next. She is a founding member of Viva Gallery in town and her work can be found there for sale.

How can you not love this? So many of Kathy’s color choices are playful but sophisticated . She combines them in unusual ways and I always like what she comes up with.

Kathy does some wonderful spaced warp scarves and shawls using linen, tencel and silk. These look like a lot of fun to make and are on my long list of things to try.

Beautiful rosepath rug of Kathy’s using some denim rag strips.

Go to here to see more photos of Kathy’s work