Christmas is here and gone, mostly a blur of cooking, cleaning and wrapping that I am happy to let go of in exchange for some quiet knitting in front of the fire. My mitten gifts to my daughters was well received, even by the youngest who received hers WYBA. My acronym for a knitted gift, not quite finished “with yarn ball attached”. In this case also missing the thumb. It is not uncommon for someone to model their new hand knit item with yarn balls dangling, making a rather festive picture.

On the receiving end not only did I receive a life size cardboard cutout of Thor (oh happy day) but my kids brought me to tears with their reenactment of three of my favorite pics from their childhood. Not only did they order the stripey xmas pj’s that they hated as kids but they dug around in the basement to find the same Night Before Christmas book from the old photo. And after finally talking me into going to bed well after midnight; they hiked down to the pole shed and dug around to find the old kicksled they used to play with. I must have been really tired cause they said they had every light in the house on and were giggling madly like the little girls they used to be trying to get the pictures just right. After some devious excuses to go into town, the pictures were printed, framed and then wrapped. We open one gift xmas eve and this is the one they choose for me. My husband and I got pretty lucky in the daughter department, I will smile ( and probably tear up) every time I look at those photos.

One mitten to go


Starting the last mitten. I am getting good at the Latvian braid edge.

Always looking for trouble

Sami inspired bracelet that I made from a kit