Some days are more magical than others and our last 2nd Monday gathering of weavers and like minded fiber addicts, was just such a one.  In part every gathering is an explosive exchange of creative ideas and energy, riotous laughter and general mayhem as everyone tries to catch up with each others doings over the last month.  When the first project comes out it starts an avalanche (nod to Susan of Avalanche Looms), of what everyone has been working on most recently.  I am finding it hard to photograph everyones work and get the details right so that is my disclaimer for accuracy.
This months gathering was at Michelle’s magical logcabin “treehouse” perched on an outcrop in a fairytale woods.  I met Michelle when I had my yarn shop in town and I always say that meeting her and my friend Barb, were the best part of having started the yarn shop.  That and having a great yarn stash.
I am not a new agey, read peoples auras kind of person but Michelle has always had such a positive energy and generousness to her that I am proud to call her friend.  Also being one of the most creative people that I know I was excited to see her and her husband Kens home.  I have never seen a home more reflective of the people that live there.  Everywhere I looked was another creative touch, from the plastered walls with leaf imprints upstairs to the beautiful painted floor in the living room to the staircase that looked like it had grown out of the floor just to be a staircase.
I think a book should be done of their house and the craftsmanship that they built into it.  My pictures certainly don’t do it justice.  What a sweet retreat for two such hard working people.  Thanks for having us.

cordwood cottage built for making maple syrup
The maple sugar shack/ Denise sitting at a built in chair and table/ maple leaf mosaic

My bamboo scarf wanting to be a jacket
Barb’s rep weave/mystery lady/Olgas hand sewn tank top/Denise’s twill

hand painted floor

Kathy’s scarves and multiple rugs