So during my recent yarn dyeing marathon my chief yarn color namer had the audacity to leave for college. She and her sisters, over the years have heard frequent pleas, for inspiration on naming yarn colors, after I have reached the brain dead state of too much color decision making. Therefor explaining my colorways named after Dr. Who characters, Monty Python, Greek gods, Game of Thrones,Les Miserables,Lord of the Rings…they have many interests. While Skyping from college, my youngest gave me a list of memes that were just too funny to not use. Now I must admit that no matter how many times my daughters try to explain what a meme is, I just don’t get it. Doesn’t matter; here are some of my favorites: Overly Manly Man, Imminent Ned, Hipster Ariel, bye Felicia, Nigel Thornberry, forever alone, philosoraptor, bad luck Brian and about 50 more. Fun yarn color names make for a few chuckles as people look through the skeins. Apparently some people understand what memes are.

creepy wonka

Over Manly Man


Nigel Thornberry