My mermaid mosaic

Barb’s lazy susan

Carole’s nasturtium pot
Kathy’s table

The past few Monday’s a few friends and I, have been meeting at my home to work on mosaics.  With a studio full of stained glass from a previous lifetime as a stained glass and kaleidoscope ( yea, I can still spell it)  artist; it seemed like a logical place to break some glass.  I had almost forgotten the startling sound of glass breaking; on purpose.  Kathy with her crockery in a bag, smashing with a really big hammer, never failed to make us jump.
I really enjoyed the spontaneity of mosaics, pretty much designing as you go and the puzzle like concentration of fitting together the pieces. So much different than the very structured way you go about designing and weaving something.
My mermaid took me a god awful long time to finish. Partly because I just liked staring at it. I dragged every family member down to my studio to admire her multiple times.  They pretty much just smile and nod their heads.  This is slated to go on the wall by the sink in the bathroom but I can see I might have to spend way too much time in there admiring it, so maybe I will move her around for awhile.  Either that or… it’s a really small bathroom and I do have LOTs of glass.  Oh the possibilities.