In my new, never ending goal of achieving computer mastery, I found this mosaic maker thingy at my flicker site. Another night playing computer geek when I could have been weaving. The shawl on the bottom is actually an older project knitted with my handspun yarns from the Charlottes Web pattern.
The green/ blue (on the sides), weaving to be, is on my Glimakra now and I can’t wait to get it done. The warp is tencel dyed yellow, to green and then blue and the weft is a funky green bamboo. The scarf on the top row is probably my favorite weaving so far. Lots of twills and basketweave with a supplementay warp, in bamboo, silk, tencel and rayon. Lesson learned on this scarf was that the whole center section containing the supplementary warp kept getting a bit tighter and tighter, because of the extra fatness of the supplementary ribbon. Therefore it pulls up a bit in the middle of the scarf. It wouldn’t be weaving if I wasn’t learning something new with each project.
The models are two of my three lovely daughters, Rachel and Erinn. Jessi is too camera shy to cooperate and a teenager to boot, so you can only imagine the looks I get when I ask if she wants to model.