After last months fiber fair, in Mineral Point, I decided to take some of my hand dyed yarns and cards to show the lovely ladies at de la Pear. Such a fun shop to explore and I hope to go back often. And now that they are selling my yarn and cards, all the better.

While exploring the area with my hubby, tornado sirens went off, and listening to the radio it sounded like we were right in the path of a severe storm,with tornados sighted. His solution was to head north and try to get out of its path. Who hoo…nothing like a little danger to spice up your yarn shop hopping. Our little carriage house B&B had a note warning you to take shelter in their basement tornado shelter if sirens went off and that they would check on you but not until there was an all clear. ….does this happen here a lot? And no way was I going in their creepy tunnel shelter.

I hope you enjoy the pics of this quaint little, former Cornish mining town, in southwestern Wisconsin.


I loved combining a yarn shop with architectural salvage

De la Pear​

Lots of arty little free libraries all over town
Would you go in there?