Our 2nd Monday gathering of fiber friends, weavers and spinners took place last Monday. We were joined in the studio by Joyce Krueger, Susan of Avalanche Looms
And Kathy Aaker of Riverweave Studio. As always it is great to share the projects we have been working on and see what others are accomplishing in their studios.
Kathy came with a beautiful wool and linen runner that she is putting a Damascus edge on. Those are Kathy’s elbows behind her lovely runner, in the picture above. She came toting a cement block to hold down the runner while she works on the edge. Last time, Susan came with her own special brick also. Makes me think that I’d better dig a brick out of my long dead herb garden and make my own “weavers brick”. One more notch on the belt of becoming a true weaver.
Jan has finished her reconstructed rag rugs (beautifully done), and we are excited to see what her next project will be.
Phyllis Scarbrough joins our studio group as our newest member; a basketmaker and teacher extraordinare. We are so happy to have her as part of our studio, I will do a more complete introduction of Phyllis soon.

Beautiful dishes from Susans shop
that seem to go perfectl with Kathy’s table runner.

One of Joyces’ beautiful scarves with the beginning of a star that Phyllis is weaving. These also seem to belong together.

Some crazy wild yarn I am spinning on Kathy’s Clemes and Clemes bulky spinning wheel. This thing treadles like a tractor but between the huge bobbin and 1 inch or bigger orifice; I think that I could shove an elephant through it. Fun!