On a recent family vacation to San Francisco, I goggled yarn shops while sitting in the airport and copied down the address for Artfibers.  It was actually a short distance from our hotel and with a banner like that how could I not follow my fiber nose.  It did mean tricking my kids into going into the Banana Republic store across the street with the promise that I wouldn’t be too long.  They know better, and called me after a mere 30 minutes and then showed up, piling out of the elevator into my newfound tranquil world of yarn.
This wasn’t your normal yarn store and I should have recognized the Artfiber brand name from my yarn shop days.  They are a manufacturer of high quality hand dyed luxury yarns, put up on cones.
Each of their yarns are swatched; with cones of different colors in the bins underneath.  Oh to have had a couple of hours to enjoy their sun drenched space and fondle a few more yarns.

dolls collected by the owner on her travels

Golden Gate Bridge

This picture is on Haight Street as in the Haight/Ashbury district of the flower power years..  Lots of fun shops and vintage stores, with not a “San Francisco” sweatshirt in sight. I was liking this picture with the lovely flowers and the cool dog, and didn’t notice until I was going through the pictures on my computer, that the lovely bald tattooed guy was flipping me off.  Definitely gives the picture a little more character.  It is good to be home.