This weeks 2nd Monday’s gathering was hosted by Barb, with lots of yummies to eat and pretties to see. When Susan brought out her woven hand warmers, everyone immediately grabbed a pair amidst many ohs and ahs and became instant hand models for one of my favorite pictures yet. I loved seeing my friends hands woven together.
Linda’s rep weave rug  and her twill scarves from a recent class at Sievers, were incredible.  Then there is Barb’s rep weave that I can never get enough pictures of,  and continue to covet. Still not brave enough to thread that many ends of 16/2 cotton. Her next rep rug has 2900 ends to thread causing a loud groan by all.
Evan shared the incredible drawings in her journal; truly personal and a beautiful reflection of her creative mind.
Amy of Peepwools joined us for the first time and shared with us some of her fiber art dolls.  I am looking forward to her sharing more of how she sees the world.

As if feeding on all the fiber eye candy wasn’t enough Barb served up a great meal for us. Black bean chili, topping baked potatoes, was topped off with an incredible pumpkin cheescake and an apple pie that Joyce brought.Thanks Barb and everyone for sharing your wonderful projects!

Linda’s rep weave/Wow!
Twill scarf by Linda

Barb’s rep weave

barb’s next rep weave

Carole’s doubleweave bag/Linda’s twill scarf

Kathy’s scarf/yum/Joanne’s fabric lampshade/Barb’s appliqu