Rachel invited our fiber group to meet at her family’s house to watch her small flock of sheep be sheared.  Some of use couldn’t resist getting our fingers right into that beautiful wool.  I am sure there is a lot of joy in raising their children with the experience of caring for the cattle, sheep and chickens that are part of their farm.
I for one had a marvoulous time. It was a fun day filled with everything I love; friends, sheep, fiber inspiration, good food  and babies.  Not sure how Rachel managed to juggle the shearing, hosting our weavers group and keeping a six month old baby happy, but she made it look all too easy. Thanks Rachel!

Scarf woven by Elin as she was trying to figure out how the circles were woven in this towel.

Dave the shearer did a great job trimming hooves and shearing, as did Rachel and her son giving medication

Denise and Barb B are hands on doing some skirting of the fleece

six bags full/ a mix of Icelandic, Border Leicester, and merino

before and after

Elin’s newest poncho/ Susan’s overshot scarf/Barb M’s new mitten of her own design and socks/ Denise trying some overshot

food and chickens

a good spread along with a great root veggie soup/ and a handsome rooster trying to entice a hen off her eggs