Monks Belt pillows from handwoven magazine

Barb and Carole in full ninja dyeing gear.

These placemats (above) are one of the last projects off Barbs loom and the cottolin towels, (below) are one of her first projects.

Introducing Barb, one of our 6 studio members. She has been a great friend and supporter of my former yarn shop and has now turned herself into a gonzo weaver.
I like her approach to learning to weave; she just jumps in with a git er done attitude and if something isn’t working it’s not surprising to find that she has cut that sucker right off the loom.
Actually the last part makes me kind of crazy, although I do admire the concept. I swear sometimes we feel like hiding all of the scissors in the studio.
Being a beginner she knows no right or wrong and just jumps in with whatever inspires her. I have always liked the concept of trying new things, and then learning the things that you should have been afraid to try, after the fact. Barb has managed to out produce the rest of us by a long shot and it is just plain fun to see what she will come up with next. You’d think that this would cut into her knitting time, but judging from the shawl that she just finished that is not the case. Check out her page of photos on my website.