Our 2nd Monday weavers gatherings are always an inspiration but even more so to be in Barb’s home surrounded by the textiles that she has created.  There are beautiful rep weave rugs everywhere, each one I would have to leap over rather than walk on if I lived here.  Colorful quilts on the beds and knitting hung from pegs here and there make her home warm, and filled with an inviting texture.
While her prolific knitting boggles our minds I think we most admire her ability to just let go of a project that is not working out.  We laugh about how we should channel Barb and her scissors when our projects are going down the tubes.
I’m pretty sure I should have gotten the scissors out on my current “demented clown” colored scarf that is on the loom now. But I still have hope that maybe I can think of something besides killer clowns when it comes off the loom.  Maybe I will go back to black and white next.  That is one good thing, there is always the next project waiting to come to life.

new rep weave in progress

Judith’s crackle weave and Elin’s scarf

barbs rep weave rugs

Susan’s crackle scarf

table full of fiber

Olga’s textiles

Judith’s journal

Elin’s creations