Having missed the last two months of our weavers group I was so happy to spend a day at Kathleen’s on a perfect July summer day.
As always a pending weavers gathering will find me weaving like a crazy person to get a project off the loom for our show and tell.  An even crazier me decided (although I should be in full production mode for the upcoming Driftless Area Art Festival ) to pick a  pattern from the book Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection involving 300+ warp ends at 30 epi with a super fine 18/2 cotton and silk warp and a treadling that would make most weavers eyes cross. And then throw in a wool pattern weft with  a fine tabby, 2 shuttle weave and there was no rushing this.  Good thing that I ended up loving it and the 2 other scarves following even more.  Next on the loom a crackle weave in 20/2 silk with 3 friggin shuttles, also over 300 ends, and… I’m dyeing some of the silk.  I will probably have 5 scarves in my booth come September, at this rate.

So enough of my weavers rant, I am actually doing what I love and am so thankful for this group of women to share it with.

Summertime flowers


my scarf in a Bateman weave. Complicated and lovely and it reminds me some of the towers that I saw while traveling in Edinburgh

scarves in sunlight/ Susan’s and the bottom piece is by Amanda Rataj

beautiful setting and Susan in disguise under a pine bough to avoid the gnats. Still makes me smile.

Susan’s scarves

lovely day and great eats

a traded piece that Susan received from Amanda Rataj/ plaids that I bought in Edinburgh/ Nan is having fun making jewelry/ Barb M’s dolls and Judith’s socks

Barb M’s newest sweater/ Lovely shawl and tea cozy by Barb B./ top knit by Anne Marie

Kathleen’s weaving on the loom

travel journal

My Scotland/Ireland travel journal that I shared with the group. I only got to day 2 while on the trip so I will be working on this for awhile from my many photos. The lovely journal is by Free Range Bookbinding on etsy