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19 03, 2014

spring gathering

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What with the weather one minute having me cheer the robins and the start of spring and the next getting my longjohns back out for a 10 degree F morning walk, I was very thankful for our weavers gathering at my friend Carole's house.I don't know of a home that more reflects the artful, family [...]

10 02, 2010

winter gathering

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This months 2nd Monday gathering was hosted by Carole and it was fun to see where she had set up her loom at home; after closing down our shared studio space in town. I must say that, her weaving space is very inspiring, surrounded by windows overlooking the apple orchards and winter shrouded gardens that [...]

9 11, 2009

VIVA Gallery

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Carole Austin; fellow weaver and I are guest artists along with Nick Smolen, a blacksmith, this month at VIVA Gallery. Our opening reception was this past Thursday; what has become their monthly first Thursday gathering of VIVA members and local art patrons. The food and wine was a lovely addition to what to turned out [...]

26 10, 2009

playing…not producing

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From Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsInstead of just finishing off the tail end of my linen purse warp in a timely fashion; I decided to use my stashed; handspun in Nepal nettle yarn, to make a loopy scrubby cloth. This was calling to me after reading about a "spa cloth " on one of [...]

19 10, 2009


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From Kindred ThreadsOur 2nd Monday gathering this month was at my house and despite a miserable snow/rainy day we stayed warm with laughter and my somewhat too spicy butternut squash and pear soup. Thanks to my hubby for a couple of his great apple pies.Susans wool potholders and linen scarf (above) are lovely and Carole [...]

28 09, 2009

Driftless Art Fair

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This last weekend Carole and I shared a booth at the Driftless Area Art Fair. It was a beautiful fall weekend full of art, music and friends. Once we got set up we were relieved to finally be done with the frantic preparations that seem to consume the weeks before a fair. Once again I [...]

24 09, 2008

It’s official

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Well I have to say it, Carole and I have gone out into the world and presented ourselves as weavers. Spending the weekend hawking our wares (at the Driftless Art Fair) and actually selling some of it validates some of the time that we have spent in the studio lately. I'll tell you, that a [...]

21 07, 2008

color inspiration

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This color combination is calling out to me to be a scarf. Do you hear colors calling to you?My friend Nan, brought her scarf woven by Randall Darwall to visit me. This is some major inspiration. He plays with color in a way that makes it sing. My pictures do not do it justice... hopefully [...]

18 07, 2008

Carole’s Krokbragd

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What a treat to see this rug coming off the loom. It is truly a beauty. This is where having a good fabric stash comes in handy; since this was done in fairly fine rags instead of the more traditional wool. It is a swedish weave using three shafts (in this case), called Krokbragd...hopefully spelled [...]