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8 10, 2014

Driftless Area Art Fair

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This year's fair was a whirlwind of...well...wind, lots of great music, food and the best part, great people. Both friends, returning customers and fellow artists whose works never fail to inspire. It's probably good that I didn't have much time to walk around, at least from my pocketbooks standpoint.  My boothAlpaca, wool, cashmere cowlPeople watching [...]

24 09, 2013

Driftless Area Art Fair

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This is always a sweet fair, with great music, lots of interesting food and many familiar and friendly faces.  It doesn't hurt that the art fair organizers treat the artists like royalty, throwing an incredible feast Saturday night and keeping us going with handouts of tasty apples and water throughout the fair.  Other than having [...]

5 09, 2013

Dye days of summer

By | 2016-10-25T16:52:21+00:00 September 5th, 2013|Hand dyed|1 Comment

Well I have assembled my little fiber army and am off to The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival to find fame and fortune; hopefully not in that order.  Here are some pics of the last few weeks of madness. Warning; color explosion ahead.Thanks Erinn for lots of great color name ideas based on Dr Who.  [...]

22 09, 2012

Driftless Area Art Festival

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My boothThe best coffee in the world, locally roasted and boy did I need it Sat morningsome of my favorite artists including Ken and Michelle Workowski's booth" The Nature of Things"Linda Kennedy "Elk Run Handwovens and Joyce Krueger of Sunset Hill Studio/ both part of our weavers group.The art fair puts on a great spread [...]

9 09, 2011

come to the fair

By | 2016-10-25T16:52:27+00:00 September 9th, 2011|Hand dyed|2 Comments

Name that yarnCan I eat it?So there is nothing left in my studio that is white.  With a little help from my kids (and Molly), with a name that yarn contest for the new yarn bases I am trying out.  The winner whose yarn names I choose the most of,  was to receive a giant [...]

21 09, 2010

Driftless Area Art Fair

By | 2016-10-25T16:52:29+00:00 September 21st, 2010|Uncategorized|2 Comments

Well, I have survived the craziness of having two big fairs back to back weekends.  This weekend was the Driftless Art Fair and I shared a booth with Barb of It Could of Been A Piano ( go to her blog for an explanation of her business name).  She had lots of handwovens and her [...]

9 09, 2010

My week

By | 2016-10-25T16:52:29+00:00 September 9th, 2010|Hand dyed|4 Comments

Getting ready for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend (the 10-12th), lots of work and lots of color, and as you can see from a couple of pictures; I had some helpers.  The tomatoes couldn't be ignored, so I had that pot bubbling away in between running downstairs to paint some more yarn. [...]

28 09, 2009

Driftless Art Fair

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This last weekend Carole and I shared a booth at the Driftless Area Art Fair. It was a beautiful fall weekend full of art, music and friends. Once we got set up we were relieved to finally be done with the frantic preparations that seem to consume the weeks before a fair. Once again I [...]

16 09, 2009

WI Sheep and Wool festival

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In a never ending quest to drive myself insane I am in two fairs on back to back weekends. The first was in Jefferson Wi and involved lots of dyeing, spinning and melting of dichroic glass for buttons, often into the wee hours of the night. I managed to get away from the booth long [...]

24 09, 2008

It’s official

By | 2016-10-25T16:52:35+00:00 September 24th, 2008|Uncategorized|2 Comments

Well I have to say it, Carole and I have gone out into the world and presented ourselves as weavers. Spending the weekend hawking our wares (at the Driftless Art Fair) and actually selling some of it validates some of the time that we have spent in the studio lately. I'll tell you, that a [...]

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