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14 11, 2012

snowy 2nd monday

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beautiful bread by Jeanlots of oh's and ah's for Susan's fabrica freakin bolt of handwoven fabric by Susan Elins wool cord rug/ rayon scarf/ lovely linen scarf/Book featuring her Danish friendSusan's rag hemp and linen weavemy wool and silk honeycomb scarf on the loomMolly looking for tummy rubsIt seems like the November winds have brought us [...]

16 12, 2010

My black and white world

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Lately I am a little stuck in black and white...hope to find some color soon.cotolin towels woven in 8 harness twill with 2 shuttlesbamboo shawlMolly loving this first big snowstormminus 20 degrees when the girls went to school yesterday.  Looks like winter might be here.Great book for inspiration

30 04, 2010

fiber,food and friends

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Not in that order.... Susan's house blessing window transperancySpring like flowers made with paperJoanne's sewn cap and pincushionsHere are the friends partBarb's newest creationsfood was great, Joanne's Naan bread and my ginger sconesIndian bread called Naan, baked by Joanne.  This months 2nd Monday gathering was at my house.  There was some lovely show and tell; ie [...]

26 10, 2009

playing…not producing

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From Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsFrom Kindred ThreadsInstead of just finishing off the tail end of my linen purse warp in a timely fashion; I decided to use my stashed; handspun in Nepal nettle yarn, to make a loopy scrubby cloth. This was calling to me after reading about a "spa cloth " on one of [...]

6 10, 2009

Linen bag

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Seems like impressive yards of material to make just one of these strip purses. This one contains pearl cotton, bamboo and linen. It sold at the Driftless Fair before I had a chance to admire it much. Good thing that I have one more on the loom.I do so enjoy working with linen. It has [...]

4 07, 2009

The last 2nd monday?

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Food and fiber; always a great combo at our 2nd monday gathering of fiber fanatics. This lovely shawl is one of Barbs recent finished projects. Carole's blueberry tarts were a rather elegant addition to a somewhat raucous group. Thanks also to Joanne for her yummy cheesecakeJoanne shared these lovely items that she has recently finished. [...]

24 09, 2008

It’s official

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Well I have to say it, Carole and I have gone out into the world and presented ourselves as weavers. Spending the weekend hawking our wares (at the Driftless Art Fair) and actually selling some of it validates some of the time that we have spent in the studio lately. I'll tell you, that a [...]

20 09, 2008

best laid plans

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Well, getting down to the wire in getting ready for the Driftless Art Fair, this weekend; I decided to put a linen warp on the little Glimakra for a linen transparency. I've been dying to use my silk and stainless steel yarn from Habu and what better time. Never done a fine gauzey weave or [...]

21 07, 2008

color inspiration

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This color combination is calling out to me to be a scarf. Do you hear colors calling to you?My friend Nan, brought her scarf woven by Randall Darwall to visit me. This is some major inspiration. He plays with color in a way that makes it sing. My pictures do not do it justice... hopefully [...]

5 06, 2008

Kathleen Aaker of Riverweave Studio

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I would like to introduce you to Kathy Aaker of Riverweave Studio. She has been with our fiber group for most of this, our first year. Although she is leaving our studio, I am sure that she will continue to inspire and encourage us in our endeavors. With her more than 20 years of weaving [...]