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19 09, 2014

sheep rule

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The true stars of the fairLots of Habu in my boothGreat restraurant in WhitewaterMy artful friend NanThree bags full. At the silent auction. Only two came home with me. getting her sheep show ready This years WI Sheep and Wool festival once again was three++days of sheepy goodness, full of yarn and fiber in every color [...]

5 09, 2014

off to the fair

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So finally the dyeing is done, the truck was packed and I was on my way to the fair. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. And then I turned around to go back for the sweater I had just finished the night before. Good thing I did, cause I found the three [...]

22 09, 2013

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

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All my dyeing was not for naught.  (That just sounded too Shakespearean to not say.)  Nan and I had a very successful and tiring  3 days of total immersion in everything sheepy.  Nan even got to see a lamb being born with some assistance from the shepherd.  I saw a set of quadruplets shortly after [...]

5 09, 2013

Dye days of summer

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Well I have assembled my little fiber army and am off to The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival to find fame and fortune; hopefully not in that order.  Here are some pics of the last few weeks of madness. Warning; color explosion ahead.Thanks Erinn for lots of great color name ideas based on Dr Who.  [...]

30 08, 2013

gathering at Barbs

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This months 2nd Monday gathering was at Barbs home in Dell.  For me it was an excellent place to escape the endless dyeing and weaving I have been doing for 2 shows I have coming up in September.  Yikes it is almost Sept.  So this is a short one.Thanks Barb and all for a great [...]

6 09, 2012

green finger, blue toe

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The last couple of weeks have been filled with color as I prepare for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, as evidenced by my green finger, a blue big toe and briefly a blue dog.  But that is a whole other story.  Tomorrow I load up the truck and ply my wares at the festival [...]