Something about this thread made me take a lot of pictures of it. I couldn’t even continue weaving for awhile, until I was done admiring its pattern…or something.

So I was pretty happy weaving the pink and orange chenille scarves; the colors made me think of the tulips to come. Giving myself some credit or perhaps showing my stupidity; I did have some concerns about the floats. I thought about replacing them with bamboo, but then just thought I would treat it very gently.
Long story short, don’t put a rayon chenille scarf in the dryer and then forget about it, and especially if you have been dumb enough to weave in a supplementary warp. When I opened the dryer in the morning, my “OH NO” screaming, stomping, dance earned me a couple of “there goes mom” again looks.
After many hours I had the supplementary floats back where they more or less belong; who knows if they will stay there…they seem willing to do unmentionable things with no provocation.  This will be one for the never do again list.
On the brighter side, the turquoise, bamboo version turned out fine.
Not so lucky were the daffodils buried under 5 inches of snow in Tuesdays freaky, even for Wisconsin, spring snow storm.  When spring finally really gets here we will have definitely earned it!