My last scarf was so long in the thinking stage and then too fast woven that I decided to try tying on another warp to this previous scarf. As with most of weaving I seem to be learning the hard way but the plus side of that is that I am learning.
Tying on a new warp to a previous warp should save lots of time in that you don’t have to thread the heddles or sley the reed. However I discovered this is only time saving if you don’t decrease the width of the second scarf and make sure that the threads you are tying onto are securely knotted and don’t pull through the heddles as you are tying your knots. Too bad I am sick of this pattern, so I could try this tying on stuff in the correct way. All in all though I do think it is worth doing and I can’t wait to show off the finished scarf. For now here are some photos of the tying on process and the scarf being woven.

Supplementary warps dangling from the back of the loom

Only a semi tangled mess