Yum!  Krumkake with ice cream berries and yeah…chocolate.
handwovens + chocolate= happiness
valentines to exchange
Nan’s lovely watercolor card

Susan’s valentine wristers

Denise’s lovely twill blanket
Barb’s critter bench

This valentines day our weavers gathering was at Barb’s house in Dell.  It is always welcoming to be at her house and even more fun to do an exchange of valentine cards/gifts.  The desert with krumkake was as lovely to look at as it was to eat.
As February seems to be disappearing, I am enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures.  With the sounds of birds greeting me on my morning walks it is hard not to get excited about the possibility of sweet spring being right around the corner.  Although these next months can be deceiving I have faith, along with the cardinal that has fallen in love with our red truck and has been singing his heart out to his new love.  Hope springs eternal….