All my dyeing was not for naught.  (That just sounded too Shakespearean to not say.)  Nan and I had a very successful and tiring  3 days of total immersion in everything sheepy.  Nan even got to see a lamb being born with some assistance from the shepherd.  I saw a set of quadruplets shortly after being born, sleepy and not too sure about being in this new, too bright world.
 David Keir, sheep shearer extraordinaire, is always on my list to see and photograph for obvious reasons.  So needless to say lots of pictures were taken, I hope you enjoy them.
The truck was packed too full to even think about bringing home a fleece this year, although  Nan was pretty in love with a rare Scottish breed sheep called a Saoy. Wouldn’t surprise me if there are sheep in her future…

Graduate of the Wooly U kids classes and colorful spinner

The Habu yarns were a popular item/ and Nan my trusty sidekick
bobbin lace demo with incredibly fine hand spun wool and the Saori weaving instructor

newborn quads on left
my booth

Heidi’s Color Affection shawl in Athena, on upper right /Brooklyn Tweed Juneberry Shawl/ Westknits Spectra scarf and cocoknits Leisl knit with Habu linen paper cotton by my friend Barb for a sample.

the stars of the fair

hand spun skein judging