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2nd Monday gathering at Barb’s

With 2 significant snowstorms in April totaling more than we had received any other month this winter, our weaving group was thrilled to pile into Barb and Harry's warm and welcoming home. By the time Judith and I arrived the dining room table was well covered [...]

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sheep shearing at Rachel’s

Rachel invited our fiber group to meet at her family's house to watch her small flock of sheep be sheared.  Some of use couldn't resist getting our fingers right into that beautiful wool.  I am sure there is a lot of joy in raising their children [...]

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winter gathering at Bonnie’s

Our weavers meeting this month was at Bonnie's house with the enticing invite to see her winter lambs.  It was great to see Bonnie again and share her hospitality and I never pass up a chance to see babies of any kind. Check out Pine Knob [...]

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