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hygge with friends

Happily this months weavers gathering ended up at my house at the last minute. Although I usually avoid hosting in the winter months due to a steep and often icy driveway, I was excited to have the group visit while our Christmas tree is up and decorated. Something about a log cabin and Christmas decorations seem to go together well. [...]

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a day in Avalanche

Our weavers 2nd Monday group gathered, in the "not really" a town called Avalanche; at Susan's home and studio also known as Avalanche Looms.  Not only did we get to share lots of good food and be inspired by each others creative endeavors, we got to shop!  Susan gave us a bit of a demonstration on how she does an [...]

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A gathering at Barb’s

Our friend Barb B. has survived a week long "spinzilla" challenge to host our weavers gathering on a fine fall day. I am surprised that after spinning 7,853 yards or 4.46 miles of singles yarn that she was able to stand much less be the gracious hostess that she was.  Although I did notice that when we sat  outside in [...]

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the scarves of summer

My scarf babies are all labeled and packed in the car ready to debut at the Driftless Area Art Festival. this weekend.   Here is a little preview of what I have been doing all summer.  Hope to see you there! collapse weave scarves, colors inspired by the dunes of the Leelanua Peninsula of Michigan. midnight mobius wrap. [...]

By | September 16th, 2017|Categories: Fairs and Festivals, Handwoven|Tags: , |2 Comments

summer day at Barbs

Our 2nd Monday weavers gatherings are always an inspiration but even more so to be in Barb's home surrounded by the textiles that she has created.  There are beautiful rep weave rugs everywhere, each one I would have to leap over rather than walk on if I lived here.  Colorful quilts on the beds and knitting hung from pegs here [...]

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in a poppy field

Our last weavers gathering was a summertime treat; flowerbeds filled with poppies, coneflower  and general splendor, a view that makes me thankful to live in this beautiful driftless region and the graceful hospitality of Olga and Gorden's simple and beautiful home. I can picture this  fairy tale setting filled with the laughter of children running through fields and climbing the [...]

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