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10 03, 2010

2nd monday at Susans

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Just what we needed, a good blast of color and the inspiration we always come away with when we visit Susan Johnson at her Avalanche Looms shop and weaving studio. It was a large and boisterous group; I know that I missed talking to quite a few people. I mostly walked around from one eye [...]

10 02, 2010

winter gathering

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This months 2nd Monday gathering was hosted by Carole and it was fun to see where she had set up her loom at home; after closing down our shared studio space in town. I must say that, her weaving space is very inspiring, surrounded by windows overlooking the apple orchards and winter shrouded gardens that [...]

15 01, 2010

gathering in the new year

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The new year brought our 2nd Monday gathering to fellow weaver Kathy's house. It was doubly wonderful to be here after missing last months gathering due to this bloody winter weather. Sorry, it seems I have been feeling a bit cooped up lately and judging from the large turnout I wasn't the only one.As usual [...]

18 11, 2009

Magic mitten box

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This week Barb hosted our 2nd Monday gathering of weavers, and as you can see some very talented knitters. Jean joined us, bringing a box filled with her beautifully knitted mittens and the pattern books they were knit from. As she lifted the lid , with her mittens tantalizingly displayed; you would have thought she [...]

19 10, 2009


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From Kindred ThreadsOur 2nd Monday gathering this month was at my house and despite a miserable snow/rainy day we stayed warm with laughter and my somewhat too spicy butternut squash and pear soup. Thanks to my hubby for a couple of his great apple pies.Susans wool potholders and linen scarf (above) are lovely and Carole [...]

21 08, 2009

a day in dell

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Thank you Barb for having our wandering weavers out to your beautiful valley home and to see what you have been up to in your studio; pictured below. Your labels crack me up and I know you made the right decision when you were trying to decide between learning to play the piano or how [...]

23 07, 2009

Diamond rag rugs with Linda

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Linda Kennedy of Elk Run Handwovens, has graciously invited our group of weavers out to see her wonderful studio and give us an idea how to start a diamond rag rug. Her and Elin have both taken a class from Deb Sharpe at Sievers and Lakeside Fibers in Madison. Linda has a computer program called [...]

12 03, 2009

Studio is hopping

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Our studio was filled with laughter and productive fun Saturday while we were taught the fine art of broom making by Ken Workowski of The Nature Of Things. With his gentle guidance, Carole, Phyllis, Carol and I were delighted with the brooms that we created. Each one with its own personality, we definitely brought out [...]