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15 02, 2016

2nd monday in Gays Mills

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A large 2nd Monday weavers gathering met at Denise and Bill's sweet  and homey brick house overlooking the Kickapoo River in Gays Mills.  Such an idyllic setting.  While it is spectacular now in its winter whites I would love to see it again surrounded by the lovely shades of spring greens and knowing Denise; [...]

13 07, 2012

2nd Monday at Susan’s

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sweet little thingiesSusan's lovely shopfabric with a messageDenise's wool tapestry mask and lunch complete with Vodka (forgot to ask Susan about that)Barb's lovely curtain and Susan's wool rugSusan's weavesOur 2nd Monday gathering was hosted by Susan at her store/weaving studio;  Avalanche Looms.  A wonderful respite from the heat and to think I almost stayed home [...]

2 07, 2012

fiber art

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Colleen Carroll's fiber art displayed at the Driftless CafeThe piece on the right is one of my favorites/ photo by Colleen CarrollMy daughter and I had the pleasure of enjoying a lavender iced tea and coffee cake at the Driftless Cafe in town, while getting a look at Colleen Carroll's wonderful fiber art displayed on [...]

20 03, 2012

color inspiration

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As the spring weather awakens a more colorful world, I thought I would share a couple of sites that I use for color inspiration in my dyeing and weaving, and truth be told to just play around on the computer. Gasp! I have just found design-seeds  and find them a good site for some color therapy. My [...]

18 01, 2012

gathering at Nans’

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Linen twillsome of Nan's knitting projects , some UFO's for longer than she cares to remember/ and lots of great artwork at Nans' house.Barb's angel with attitudeBeautiful,old hooked wool rug from Newfoundland.  Kathy says: I found out through a link Jean  sent me that the Grenfell piece is actually hooked. It was an interesting read [...]

30 10, 2011

fall art tour

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A fall tradition for me is the fall art tour; a jaunt around the lovely southwestern Wisconsin counrtyside, during the spectacular fall colors to visit area artists studios and small town galleries in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. My friend Carole and I found plenty to be inspired by; both in the artists we talked to and [...]

16 10, 2011

morning walk

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brave?fall shadowspatternsthe fairy forestsumacskywardsMy morning walk is a necessary realignment of my thought processes.  As long as I am listening to the wind in the trees and seeing the patterns in the shadows of the sunlit trees, I am inclined to leave at home, any of the day to day got- to- dos.   And [...]

13 10, 2011

a good day

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 To celebrate a beautiful fall day and honor our 20th anniversary my hubby and I kayaked on the Mississippi River around Goose Island.  A fitting tribute to our honeymoon in the Boundary Waters; although that trip involved getting snowed on, nearly capsizing in howling winds with frozen fingers.Definitely memorable. This day was perfectly filled with [...]

21 07, 2011

magical day

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Some days are more magical than others and our last 2nd Monday gathering of weavers and like minded fiber addicts, was just such a one.  In part every gathering is an explosive exchange of creative ideas and energy, riotous laughter and general mayhem as everyone tries to catch up with each others doings over the [...]

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