//2nd monday in Gays Mills

2nd monday in Gays Mills

A large 2nd Monday weavers gathering met at Denise and Bill’s sweet  and homey brick house overlooking the Kickapoo River in Gays Mills.  Such an idyllic setting.  While it is spectacular now in its winter whites I would love to see it again surrounded by the lovely shades of spring greens and knowing Denise; there will be wonderful gardens to wander in.  While there is always much to be inspired by when our group gets together, I found myself, most in awe of the simple yet elegant (with just a touch of funky color or texture) handwovens draped throughout Denise’s studio space.  I think it is partly her color palette, but mostly her overall aesthetic that I admire. It is reflected in her home, the person that she is and the things that she holds dear.  One of which is good quality, life sustaining, close to home food.  Recently the Watercress Cafe opened behind the food coop that Denise manages in Gays Mills and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch there.  Thanks K for hosting our raucous group of over  stimulated  fiber fanatics, it was scrumptious.

sample from Swedish Swatches

Sample from the book Swedish Swatches by Malin Selander

2nd Monday at Denise's

overshot by Jean/twill sample by Jan/deflected doubleweave by Barb B. and my shadow weave scarf

2nd Monday at Denise's

Watercress Cafe

K, the chef at the Watercress Cafe and twill shawl by Carole

2nd Monday at Denise's

Judiths sweater and drawing that Michelle is going to make into a lampshade

2nd Monday at Denise's

Denise and Barb M. sporting their creations

Denise's studio

Denise’s studio

2nd Monday at Denise's

2nd Monday at Denise's

Denise’s pillow covers inspired by a swatch from Malin Selanders Swedish Swatches

anna's quilt

Anna’s quilt and tote

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