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22 07, 2014

of pie and peonies

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Catching up on some springtime pictures, on the hottest day of the summer so far. It was glorious fun making my daughter wait for her piece of her favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie, while I took some(lots) pictures.   Posted with Blogsy

22 09, 2012

Driftless Area Art Festival

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My boothThe best coffee in the world, locally roasted and boy did I need it Sat morningsome of my favorite artists including Ken and Michelle Workowski's booth" The Nature of Things"Linda Kennedy "Elk Run Handwovens and Joyce Krueger of Sunset Hill Studio/ both part of our weavers group.The art fair puts on a great spread [...]

21 09, 2010

Driftless Area Art Fair

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Well, I have survived the craziness of having two big fairs back to back weekends.  This weekend was the Driftless Art Fair and I shared a booth with Barb of It Could of Been A Piano ( go to her blog for an explanation of her business name).  She had lots of handwovens and her [...]

20 07, 2009

Domestic goddess’s unite

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uploaded by kindred threads. So lately my inner grandma has been released and my family has benefited gastronomically by having lots of yummy pies and desserts. I have always enjoyed baking pies and one of my fondest memories is of my grandma Jenny teaching me how to roll out a pie crust.I have a lovely [...]

12 03, 2009

Studio is hopping

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Our studio was filled with laughter and productive fun Saturday while we were taught the fine art of broom making by Ken Workowski of The Nature Of Things. With his gentle guidance, Carole, Phyllis, Carol and I were delighted with the brooms that we created. Each one with its own personality, we definitely brought out [...]

25 02, 2009

Upcoming classes

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We are having a couple of classes at Kindred Threads, taught by Michelle and Ken Workowski of The Nature Of Things. The pictures above are from a class Michelle taught previously, where we first made our own paper using soysilk fibers in a technique similar to silk fusion. The upcoming lampshade class will be using [...]

8 10, 2008

domestic goddess

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After major guilt about abandoning house and family; while weaving like a maniac in September, to prepare for assorted fiber fairs; I am officially hanging up my domestic goddess apron and getting back to weaving. The house has never been cleaner ...thanks Nance and Chris for visiting...and I have even gone so far as to [...]