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1 08, 2019

Over the river (almost) to Barb’s house

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This months, oops I mean July's weavers gathering was a lovely drive down to Wauzeka to visit  with Barb B. and of course her very photogenic llama Gandolf.  We saw lots of high water and signs of flooding along the way and the Wisconsin River seemed incredibly high.  But a car full of weavers driving [...]

9 07, 2011

weaving music

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I have been excited to try this weave ever since seeing the swatch in Malin Selanders book Swedish Swatches.  After a couple of mishaps on the warping reel,  a couple of slow starts having to rethink the threading for the black, I was finally weaving and watching the fabric grow.  And I don't know if [...]

21 04, 2011

think spring

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Something about this thread made me take a lot of pictures of it. I couldn't even continue weaving for awhile, until I was done admiring its pattern...or something.So I was pretty happy weaving the pink and orange chenille scarves; the colors made me think of the tulips to come. Giving myself some credit or perhaps [...]

4 04, 2011

new and old

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new workrayon chenille cowl I love the idea of a cowl draping around your neck with different layers showing depending on how it lays.  My original idea was to weave a double weave tube and join the edges, but I knew I wanted to do the rosepath inserts and it all started hurting my head; [...]

16 12, 2010

My black and white world

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Lately I am a little stuck in black and white...hope to find some color soon.cotolin towels woven in 8 harness twill with 2 shuttlesbamboo shawlMolly loving this first big snowstormminus 20 degrees when the girls went to school yesterday.  Looks like winter might be here.Great book for inspiration

14 11, 2010

new handspun

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My handspun Carmel Creme yarn was featured on this blog that I found interesting. Lots of great natural, eco friendly items.  Thanks Brenda for putting this post together.A Remark You Made: Playing Matchmaker Part II

5 03, 2010

makin’ flowers, seeing igloos’

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Winter has been long and winter has been dark, thereby my manic flower making. Lots of color with some of my lampworked beads for the centers and made into pins. Ah... that's better; not a trip to Tahiti, but it will do until the real thing pops out of the ground. Might be awhile judging [...]

24 06, 2008

It’s not all about fiber

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Stained glass has been a passion of mine for about 30 years and I occasionally let go of the fiber obsession long enough to go into my studio at home and melt some glass. These are a few of the earrings I have fused in my kiln with dichroic glass and they will be going [...]

19 05, 2008

Spring yarns a bloomin

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I am not normally a pink person; but I find myself dyeing and spinning lots of luscious flower inspired pinks. Spring is in the air and I am definitely on a pink roll. This yarn has been added to the etsy site and is named Peony. I'm on a flower roll as this and other [...]