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20 03, 2012

color inspiration

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As the spring weather awakens a more colorful world, I thought I would share a couple of sites that I use for color inspiration in my dyeing and weaving, and truth be told to just play around on the computer. Gasp! I have just found design-seeds  and find them a good site for some color therapy. My [...]

9 09, 2011

come to the fair

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Name that yarnCan I eat it?So there is nothing left in my studio that is white.  With a little help from my kids (and Molly), with a name that yarn contest for the new yarn bases I am trying out.  The winner whose yarn names I choose the most of,  was to receive a giant [...]

27 02, 2011


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New book with photos of Malin Selanders Swatch books/  Selanders signature in Denise's original booksrosepathwaffle weaveAt our 2nd monday weavers group Denise brought 3 of the 4 Swatch books by Malin Selander.  These caused quite a stir, and she found them at a second hand store for a little bit of nothing.  What a treasure!I [...]

26 09, 2010


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Burano IslandA beautiful island near Venice; simple, peaceful and unabashedly colorful. The houses are brightly colored, to guide the fisherman home through the fog.  This place touched my soul with its gentle beauty.

9 06, 2010

sari silk scarf

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I wanted to try this multi warp scarf for the recycled art show that we featured at VIVA Gallery recently.  One of the warp threads is a recycled silk sari, handspun yarn from Nepal, beautiful and unpredictable, and probably not my wisest choice for a warp thread.  In all its lovely loosely spun hairiness it [...]

4 02, 2009

Color my world with fiber

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In honor of the days getting longer, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and inject a little color into my life. Weaving these color gamp towels has helped me fight the February doldrums before; and once they are done their "in your face" cheerfulness, just makes me smile. My wish is [...]