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6 09, 2012

green finger, blue toe

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The last couple of weeks have been filled with color as I prepare for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, as evidenced by my green finger, a blue big toe and briefly a blue dog.  But that is a whole other story.  Tomorrow I load up the truck and ply my wares at the festival [...]

19 09, 2011

Wi Sheep and Wool Festival

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baaaamy fiber world for 4 days This fair is like being in  a total fiber world for 4 days.  It is not a real world but it sure is warm and friendly and above all colorful.  My normal life comes to a halt and I am just immersed in fibery goodness everywhere I look.  From the [...]

9 09, 2011

come to the fair

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Name that yarnCan I eat it?So there is nothing left in my studio that is white.  With a little help from my kids (and Molly), with a name that yarn contest for the new yarn bases I am trying out.  The winner whose yarn names I choose the most of,  was to receive a giant [...]

20 10, 2010

Harvest Parade

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Harvest Parade, originally uploaded by kindred threads.Our little town hosted a heck of a harvest festival last weekend. The moon man was all aglow in the park that evening. I just caught a glimpse of him through the trees. Hope he comes back next year.

9 09, 2010

I’m off

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 Well I'm off, (more ways than one) to the sheep and wool festival.  Sorry Molly no room for you although you do fit in under the fiber category.   The "lockness" skein on the back was just spun yesterday and is still wet enough that I may hang it out the sunroof on the way there.  [...]

9 09, 2010

My week

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Getting ready for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend (the 10-12th), lots of work and lots of color, and as you can see from a couple of pictures; I had some helpers.  The tomatoes couldn't be ignored, so I had that pot bubbling away in between running downstairs to paint some more yarn. [...]

16 09, 2009

WI Sheep and Wool festival

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In a never ending quest to drive myself insane I am in two fairs on back to back weekends. The first was in Jefferson Wi and involved lots of dyeing, spinning and melting of dichroic glass for buttons, often into the wee hours of the night. I managed to get away from the booth long [...]

8 08, 2009

Coming home

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Since moving out of the studio space that a group of us has shared, I have been setting up 2 of my looms at home and trying to organize all that fiber in a much smaller space. My 54" Glimakra will be in storage but just about everything else is stuffed into a few areas [...]

9 09, 2008

wi. sheep and wool festival

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Sheep and Wool Festival, originally uploaded by kindred threads Well let me tell you it's a big scary fiber world out there. I'm glad to be home from the fair; to my family and relatively sane fiber friends. I made the mistake of standing between 2 women in a bidding war at the silent auction. [...]

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