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Our 2nd Monday gathering this month was at my house and despite a miserable snow/rainy day we stayed warm with laughter and my somewhat too spicy butternut squash and pear soup. Thanks to my hubby for a couple of his great apple pies.
Susans wool potholders and linen scarf (above) are lovely and Carole showed us her bamboo and cotton runners, just off the loom.

From Kindred Threads

Carole’s spectacular stained glass coat made with recycled felted wool sweaters.

From Kindred Threads
The top pics, are the ever productive Barbs, wool gansey and linen purse. At our last gathering she mentioned that she wanted to try knitting a gansey sweater and of course she was wearing it to this meeting. I hope to soon….finish the sweater that I have been working on for the last couple of years. Hope springs eternal, as they say. The chart on the table is for a pair of fingerless mitts that Barb and I both would like to do for xmas gifts. I predict we will see Barbs at the November meeting. The bottom right pic is a cotton and alpaca scarf that is wonderfully soft and woven by Jan H from the Milwaukee area. I hope we see her at many more gatherings.

From Kindred Threads
Jan has finally finished her camel and silk and it is beautifully spun and plied into a very fine fingering weight yarn. The lady likes to spin thread. Here she is getting some spinning help from my new puppy Molly.
As always these get togethers provide me with a good burst of creative energy; to keep me inspired and hopefully productive.
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  1. Joanne October 19, 2009 at 12:26 pm - Reply

    I must say, your posting makes me every more sorry I had to miss this gathering! All are beautiful, but that sweater of Carol's is truly a vision.

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