It is finally time to post some of the weaving I did in preparation for the Driftless art fair in September.  That so traumatized me that I have only just now put something new on my loom and I am not all that happy about it.  Seems that I want to weave only something that inspires me, and that list is long, but I feel I should be weaving what I know the gallery needs.  Somehow in some recent marketing talk I decided to weave a baby blanket and that is now on the loom.  Blah!  I like the pattern though so I think screw that marketing plan and I will make it long enough for a shawl.  Pics to come, after I catch up with the before art fair trauma pictures.  Can’t wait till after xmas to weave some projects only cause I want to!

turned twill blocks
one warp-three very different scarves

twill scarf and summers last flowers

turned twill block weave bamboo scarves
living the dream…actual piles of scarves
supplementary warp and weft, plain weave bamboo scarves